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PageLayout as a step towards Rich Media Notebooks

During a meeting with our collaborators at ICAP, of the Universite de Lyon 1 in France, Fabien Bizot demonstrated the PageLayout Flash/Air app that he was working on for Spiral Connect.

When we launched the SpokenMedia project, we knew that we wanted to ultimately focus on how learners and educators use video accompanied by transcripts. Over the last year, we’ve focused on the automatic lecture transcription technology that was developed in the Spoken Lecture project–as a means to enable the notions of rich media notebook we had been discussing.

Fabien Bizot’s work with PageLayout may be the first step to a user interface learners and educators might use to interact with video linked with transcripts.

PageLayout Towards a Rich Media Notebook
Source: Brandon Muramatsu/Fabien Bizot PageLayout

PageLayout Towards a Rich Media Notebook

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