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An interesting hack from Yahoo! Openhack India

Sound familiar?

Automatic, Real-time close captioning/translation for flickr videos.

We captured the audio stream that comes out to speaker and gave as input to mic. Used Microsoft Speech API and Julius to convert the speech to text. Used a GreaseMonkey script to sync with transcription server(our local box) and video and displayed the transcribed text on the video. Before displaying the actual text on the video, based on the user’s choice we translate the text and show it on video. (We used Google’s Translate API for this).

Srithar, B. (2010). Yahoo! Openhack India 2010- FlicksubZ. Retrieved on July 28, 2010 from Srithar’s Blog Website:

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Converting .sbv to .trans/continuous text

As a step in comparing the output from YouTube’s Autocaptioning, we need to transform their .sbv file into something we can use in our comparison tests (a .trans file). We needed to strip the hours out of the timecode, drop the end time, and bring everything to a single line.

Update: It turns out we needed a continuous text file. So these have been updated accordingly.

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Caption File Formats

There’s been some discussion on the Matterhorn list recently about caption file formats, and I thought it might be useful to describe what we’re doing with file formats for SpokenMedia.

SpokenMedia uses two file formats, our original .wrd files output from the recognition process and Timed Text Markup Language (TTML). We also need to handle two other caption file formats .srt and .sbv.

There is a nice discussion of the YouTube format at SBV file format for Youtube Subtitles and Captions and a link to a web-based tool to convert .srt files to .sbv files.

We’ll cover our implementation of TTML in a separate post.
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SpokenMedia at T4E 2010 Conference

Brandon Muramatsu presented on SpokenMedia at the Technology for Education 2010 Conference in Mumbai, India on July 1, 2010.

Cite as: Muramatsu, B., McKinney, A. & Wilkins, P. (2010, July 1). Implementing SpokenMedia for the Indian Institute for Human Settlements. Presentation at Technology for Education Conference: Mumbai, India. July 1, 2010. Retrieved July 14, 2010 from Slideshare Web site:

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