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Packaging Stand-alone SM-Player


The stand-alone player allows users to view and search video transcripts without network access. Due to the technologies that the player uses, the stand-alone player requires a small web server to work.  These instructions describe how to package a video, its associated transcripts, and its supporting files into a stand-alone sm-player.  The package can be zipped into a single file, downloaded, unzipped, and run locally.

This package is what is downloaded when we publish a contributed video and its transcript.


This document is intended for those who will create these packages.  A separate README describes how to deploy and run the package.

Folder Structure

+ css
+ img
+ lib
+ js
+ swf
+ transcripts

css folder – cascading style sheets
ceebox-min.css – pop-up window that displays when the video is clicked.  It contains the player and transcript.
page.css – styles index.html [don’t change]
reset.css – Eric Meyer’s styling reset script. [don’t change]
style.css – styles the pop-up window driven by ceebox script. [don’t change]

img folder – images
cee-*-btn.png – button images  [don’t change]
<video-frame>.png – one or more thumbnail images to display for videos [change for each video in package]
logo-mit-oeit.png – the MIT and OEIT logos  [don’t change]
spokenmedia-website-header.png – the SpokenMedia logo for page header  [don’t change]

index.html – the page containing the video(s) in package [change for each package]

jetty.xml – configuration file for the Jetty web server

js – javascripts
data.js – [change for each package]
jquery-1.4.2.min.js –  [don’t change]
jquery.ceebox-min.js –   [don’t change]
jquery.scrollTo.js –   [don’t change]
player.js –   [don’t change]
swfobject2.2.js –   [don’t change]


run.* – start-up script for Jetty web server.  Versions for MS Windows and Linux are included.  [don’t change]


transcripts – the video transcripts

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