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SpokenMedia is an umbrella project for the development of tools and services to enable rich media notebooks for learning and teaching.

The key enabler for these rich media notebooks are full text transcripts of academic video lectures–the text transcripts provide means of searching and organizing video lectures and more importantly combining with text-based materials from places like MIT OpenCourseWare.

SpokenMedia is focusing on a number of tools and services:

  • automatic lecture transcription (with potential integration in larger media production workflows),
  • video player with a video-linked transcript (and other interactive features), and
  • transcript editor.

The SpokenMedia Project is supported in part by the MIT/Microsoft iCampus Alliance. SpokenMedia takes as inspiration two prior iCampus projects–building on the potential of automatically transcribing video lectures from the Spoken Lecture project and the use of video clips in education from the Cross Media Annotation System project.

We have put together a general overview slidecast for you to watch.



As of 2015, OEIT is now Strategic Education Initiatives (SEI), part of MIT’s Office of Digital Learning.


  • Brandon Muramatsu, OEIT, MIT
  • Andrew McKinney, OEIT, MIT
  • Peter Wilkins, OEIT, MIT
  • Phillip Long, CEIT, University of Queensland
  • John Zornig, CEIT, University of Queensland
  • Christophe Batier, ICAP, Universite de Lyon 1
  • Jean-Baptiste Nallet, ICAP, Universite de Lyon 1
  • Alexandre Louis, ICAP, Universite de Lyon 1
  • Fabien Bizot, ICAP, Universite de Lyon 1


The SpokenMedia project would like to acknowledge the work of Dr. James Glass and the Spoken Language Systems Group at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. And we would like to acknowledge the support of the iCampus MIT/Microsoft Alliance for educational technology for the development of the Spoken Lecture Project and providing on-going support for dissemination and diffusion through the SpokenMedia project.

Creative Commons License Unless otherwise specified, the Spoken Media Website by the MIT Office of Digital Learning, Strategic Education Initiatives is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.