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YouTube EDU and iTunesU

An interesting article on TechCrunch today about YouTube EDU and iTunesU.

YouTube has reported on the one year anniversary of the launch of YouTube EDU:

MIT on YouTube EDU
Source: Brandon/YouTube EDU

MIT on YouTube EDU

YouTube EDU is now one of the largest online video repositories of higher education content in the world. We have tripled our partner base to over 300 universities and colleges, including University of Cambridge, Yale, Stanford, MIT, University of Chicago and The Indian Institutes of Technology. We have grown to include university courses in seven languages across 10 countries. We now have over 350 full courses, a 75% increase from a year ago and thousands of aspiring students have viewed EDU videos tens of millions of times. And today, the EDU video library stands at over 65,000 videos.

Source: YouTube. (2010, March 25). More Courses and More Colleges – YouTube EDU Turns One. Retrieved on March 25, 2010 from YouTube Website:

The TechCrunch article also lists the stats of iTunesU as 600 university partners and 250,000 videos.

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