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SpokenMedia Transcript Editor

We’re working on a javascript-based transcript editor with our developer Ryan Lee at

The goals of the editor project are:

  • Low and high accuracy editors–We believe the best approach to transcript editing involves separating the editing into two distinct phases. In cases where the transcript is mostly accurate, we want to retain the time/word relationships. That is, for every word, we want to make sure we retain the timecode associated with that word. In cases where the transcript is mostly inaccurate, we believe it’s best to just edit the transcript as a single block of text. And that we’ll take the edited transcript and align it to the audio after the transcript editing is completed. Unfortunately, this will require a time delay (best case is about 1:1.5) to reprocess the video.
  • Be simple and intuitive to use.
  • Be a clean design.
  • Support the user with a limited amount of extra mousing and/or clicking (this is the one compelling reason for us to have the “low” and “high” accuracy editors).
  • Integrate an audio/video player within the UI of the transcript editor (instead of running the video/audio as a separate application, or in a separate window, from the editor).
  • An editing communication protocol to be implemented between the server and client browser.

We’ve seen some initial designs from Ryan, and once we have this design phase completed, we’ll post the editors with transcripts and go into a testing phase.

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