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How Google Translate Works

Google posted a high level overview of how Google Translate works.

Source: Google

SpokenMedia Player

We’ve developed a first pass of a new video player for SpokenMedia that integrates video playback and transcript display. (Well, ok we did this in late-December and initially demo’d this in January with IIHS.)

Our goals with the player development:

  • Javascript-player
  • Play multiple videos on the same page
  • Highlight the phrase corresponding to relevant point in the video
  • Be able to switch between multiple audio tracks (if they are available)
  • Be able to switch between transcripts in multiple languages (if they are available)
  • Be able to search through a transcript, and play the video by clicking on the search result
  • Be able to open source the player
  • Include the OEIT logo

We worked with a great developer, Ryan Lee at, to develop the player.

We used the player as part of our demo for the Indian Institute for Human Settlements.

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